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OQSI has developed many original procedures as well as drawn upon many existing standards and procedural norms from various organizations. These have included, for example, ISO, ECMA scripting standards as well as to the ISO process approach (ISO: 9000). We have also embedded in the OQSI due diligence guidelines changes that facilitate a more integrated and coherent application of operational procedures for project design such as OP 10.04 of the World Bank.

Currently, the main developments have been the Due Diligence Design Procedure (3DP) based on a decision analysis approach. The 3DP was extended in August 2019 as a result of research at SEEL-Systems Entineering Economics Lab which has added a complete change strategy analysis that is semi-automated. This was added because reviews of project proposals that had included "Change theory" analyses were found to be invariably incomplete and tended to reflect the specific expertise within the change theory review groups as opposed to the specific gaps and needs facing communities or the full range of options available.

The new 3DP has become the central guide to the SDGToolkit developed to assist teams in desigining projects and programme to address Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

The SDGToolkit is expected to be launched in Q4, 2019 through the Boolean Library at the George Boole Foundation.

All future recommendations will only become availabe to subscribers of the SDGToolkit service as part of the service information package, including regular updates.

Because of commercial sensitivity the configuration design reports and illustrations will no longer be posted on this site as a result of the considerable research effort by SEEL needing to be recovered in the SDGToolkit service. Selected documents will be available through the Boolean Library to subscriber Members at reduced prices.

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