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ADVISORY: This content of this page is no longer applicable but has been left as a record of past activties

During the development work on recommendations for the introduction of locational state elements to data sets, the OQSI have introduced a service to facilitate this process for online service providers and their programmers. A new service will be introduced as the: Objective Dataset Algorithm Coherence Assurance (ODACA) Service. This is designed to provide a second opinion on any component upgrade to ensure that the new code has access to the required dataset used as input to algorithms used to generate the process output (objective).

This is likely to be a temporary service available to any service applying OQSI recommendations. It is designed to facilitate a smooth transition in building up adequate levels of understanding of both locational state analysis and the application of Data Reference Models to practical problems. This service is also designed to provide assurance to online service clients that requested upgrades have been implemented and deemed to be operating according to requirements.

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